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If we consider the reasons why the engine refuses to start, on a large scale, there are only a few such reasons:

problems in the electrical circuit

problems with fuel supply

starter broke

engine overheating

The car stalled on the road, what to do?

Let’s begin, perhaps, with how to act recommended in the event that the car stalled on the road and refuses to start.

First of all, you need to calm down and pull yourself together. Turn on the emergency brake and tow the car to the side of the road. Put a sign of an emergency stop at a distance of at least 15 meters from the car if you are in the city, and at least 30 meters if you are on a country road or highway.

After that, you can start figuring out why the engine won’t start.

The first thing to do is to look at the dashboard and see if there are any lights on.

Pay attention to the fuel level gauge readings. Maybe you missed the moment of refueling, and it’s banal to run out of gasoline (or diesel fuel).

If the lamp in the form of red watering can light up, it means that there is an oil supply disturbance in the engine. Do not continue driving in this case. The engine may seize up. Call a tow truck and go to the service station.

The same should be done if the Check engine light comes on.

Possible causes of failure of the electrical system

We will probably start with the most exotic – with the alarm. It happens that the car will not start, because the malfunction of the alarm system installed on the car blocks the engine. This is quite difficult to diagnose and you are unlikely to succeed on the road. But just in case, you can try a couple of times to put the car on the alarm and remove the alarm.

If there was a glitch in the electronics, which in winter sometimes happens, the car can start, but you can not leave it unattended, because the next time it can break down thoroughly.

Standing on the road, one can hardly investigate all the faults of electrical circuit, but it is possible to look something before calling for technical help.

First of all, look under the hood and check the integrity of all wires and connections – contacts. Try to move all connectors, checking their reliability. Be sure to check the battery terminals. If you find bad contact, repair it. If there is dross, clean it off with sandpaper.

The reason for the lack of contact may be trivial dirt, which should be removed with a dry cloth. If there is a lot of dirt, you should find out the reason for its appearance, if it is leaking oil or fuel from the engine or fuel system, you should immediately eliminate this leak. After all it is not far from the fire.

The next thing you can check on your own is the spark plugs. They should be dry and without much soot. If there is a lot of soot, try cleaning the plugs.

On cars with an injector engine, it is not superfluous to check all the fuses. It is possible that one of them burned out, this blocks the work of the electrical circuit and the car will not start.

Problems with starter

If you don’t hear the starter when you start it, the first thing you should do is look in the fuse box and check if the starter fuse is blown.

If the fuse is okay, take a closer look at the wiring. See if there is a loose contact. If the wiring is okay, there is a good chance that the starter itself is broken. If you have a domestic car, then to buy an inexpensive starter vaz 2107, for example, the difficulty will not make, but if the foreign car, then …. you know.

If the fuse has blown, and its replacement solved the problem, in this case it is recommended to go to the service station and make a diagnosis. It happens that before the breakdown of the starter, first several times the fuses burn. To avoid trouble, it is better to be hedged and check the operation of the unit in advance.

Problems due to engine overheating

Engine overheating, even briefly, is one of the worst problems that can happen to an engine. Even after a short-term but severe enough overheating, its effects can affect engine performance all the way up to its disposal.

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