Spring will soon make itself felt and car enthusiasts have a very logical question concerning the choice of high-quality summer tires, capable of serving for a long time. And this case requires a responsible approach, in fact if in some European countries the choice is only in the rating of tires and features of a particular car model, we, despite the impressive range of summer tires, still have to reckon with a rather poor state of the roads. Also, some motorists have a question about cash for scrap cars near me.

An experienced driver does not need to explain once again the need to change the winter tires to summer, but a little bit about it is necessary. It is known that the composition used in summer and winter tires significantly differs, so the winter version of the road is somewhat softer in comparison with the summer one. There is an explanation for this: in summer the tires soften and their grip with the road surface decreases, which requires manufacturers to make them harder and harder than winter tires. The tread pattern plays an important role in the tire selection process: the deeper the pattern, the better the handling will be, and the asymmetric pattern will provide better traction.

What summer tire characteristics should be taken into account

Any tire has its own specific parameters and characteristics that require careful attention when buying them. However, certain features cannot be ignored, which are affected by the composition of the rubber compound, tread pattern, profile width and carcass structure. Based on these factors, you need to consider that all this is reflected in:

– the price of summer rubber, which depends not only on the brand;
– the effectiveness of traction on the road;
– directional stability and controllability;
– noise level;
– comfort and durability;
– the possible speed rating.
Unfortunately, manufacturers are still unable to create the perfect tire that meets all the characteristics listed above at the same time. That is why it is impossible to say exactly which summer tires will be the best – there are simply no perfect ones. The reason for this is mutually exclusive criteria, based on the fact that by improving one parameter, some other suffers. And it does not concern the application of price policy.

Thus, when making a choice of summer tires, it is important to start from the conditions in which the car had to be driven more often in the past season, as well as your driving style and the car’s capabilities.

What does the technical documentation for the car say?

Driving on winter roads on summer tires is, of course, quite fraught, and also life-threatening. After all, all tires are designed to be used at certain temperatures and tires designed for summer, in their properties exclude winter conditions.

That is why the main condition, which each driver should comply with, is the timely replacement of summer tires for winter models and vice versa. If it is difficult to independently understand the parameters of the necessary tires, you can use the technical documentation, which is available to the car. This will provide you with information on the tires suitable for your vehicle, their sizes and other parameters.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, because any deviation from the required parameters may reduce the performance of the vehicle significantly, and may also lead to increased fuel consumption.

In addition, when buying tires, you must take into account the speed index for which they are designed, and “re-shoeing” must be accompanied by balancing the wheels.

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