Winter is a difficult time for motorists. At this time of year motorists face the following problems and scrap my car brampton:

The car won’t start;
The windshield wiper freezes;
doors freeze to t

he body, etc.

The problem lies in the moisture. The water condensation in the cracks freezes, which causes the car to malfunction. If you look under the hood, you will notice a mush of ice in the washer and cooling system tanks. There are even times when frozen water tears the nozzles. But thanks to manufacturers of automotive chemicals and accessories, motorists can be rid of these problems by applying the right product. Let us list them.

Types of means for the vehicle in winter

Glass defroster. Needed for cleaning windows from snow and ice. Thanks to him, ice does not appear. The product includes a solvent and a glycol mixture. The composition instantly dissolves ice and prevents the appearance of an ice crust for another two hours.
Lock defroster. Needed to thaw frozen locks. The defroster dissolves ice. Frozen locks will be able to be opened in two minutes after use.
Anti-Frost Remover. The product prevents windows from icing up at -25°C for up to 3 days. It consists of isopropyl alcohol and sorbitol. They form a film that prevents water from freezing to the glass.
Door Lubricant. If there is frost after the rain – the car doors can freeze to the body. This defect is better prevented than to fight frosting. Door grease can help.
“Quick start” is an aerosol can with a mixture of ether and propane-butane.

It has a lower ignition temperature than gasoline vapor and helps when starting an engine in winter. The

spray is sprayed into the carburetor and into the engine. When the starter is turned, the mixture is easily ignited and the car starts immediately.

Radiator cleaner. Often in winter, the engine takes a long time to warm up, and the heater does not warm up the interior sufficiently. The problem lies in a dirty radiator. Pour fresh antifreeze and flush the cooling system with radiator cleaner.
Washer fluid for the washer tank. It is important to buy this product, because the frozen liquid creates an icy plug in the hoses, breaks the pump, breaks fittings and nozzles. As a result, you can lose your windshield washer system. The product is made by combining technical ethyl alcohol and water. After pouring the product, be sure to pump it through the system until the winter composition starts spraying out of all nozzles.

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