Most modern cars are equipped with alarms, which allow not only to ensure the safety of the car, but also greatly simplify the operation of the car. To control the alarm, open and close doors, a special key fob is used by pressing the corresponding button on which you can remotely open or close the doors. In some cases, a flashing of the key fob control unit is required, such work can be performed independently, which allows you to eliminate existing problems in the operation of the security complex. And sometimes you need to contact the company

It is necessary to reflash the alarm control unit when buying a used car and it will not be superfluous to change the alarm settings, thereby ensuring the safety of the car. This excludes those situations when dishonest old car owners left themselves with another set of keys, which allowed them to easily steal such a car. You also have to reflash the alarm control unit in the event that system malfunctions are noted, the alarm and the key fob may become out of sync, after which you need to reflash them.

Reprogramming the alarm key fob
You can reprogram the alarm key fob both in specialized workshops and on your own. Despite the seeming complexity, such work is quite within the power of every car owner, it is only necessary to study the features of the alarm system used and act strictly according to the instructions for a particular model, which can be easily found on the Internet.

Certain difficulties can only be presented by the search for the Valet button, by pressing which the alarm settings are reset. For safety reasons, such a button is located in cars in various places, so you will need to spend some time looking for it. To solve such problems, the car owner must, when installing the alarm, ask the masters where such a Valet button is located on his car.

The algorithm for reprogramming the alarm key fob may differ slightly depending on the specific model of the security complex.

The standard sequence of actions is as follows:

1) it is necessary to insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the first position;

2) press the Valet button three times;

3) wait about 15 seconds and press Valet three times again;

4) after that, press the alarm activation button on the key fob and hold it for several seconds.

This procedure allows you to reset the alarm settings to the basic ones, and all that remains for the car owner to do is check the operation of the key fob. If there are several key fobs at once, then with all of them you should carry out the initialization procedure and reset their settings to the basic ones. If, after performing such a flashing, any problems appear in the operation of the alarm, you should study the operating manual of the security complex, which will indicate all possible malfunctions.

Let’s sum up
If there are any problems in the operation of the alarm system, or you have purchased a used car, for security reasons, you should reprogram the alarm key fob, which will eliminate possible desynchronization and existing malfunctions in the operation of the security system in the car. It is quite possible to do such work on your own, you just need to find the location of the Valet button in the car, and also study the instructions for a specific alarm model that is used on a particular car.

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