Before we get to the topic of the article, I would like to say that with serious damage to the car, it does not always make sense to spend money and time on repairs. Sometimes it is more profitable to recycle the car:

To inspect the vehicle’s exhaust system, the latter must be raised on a jack and supports must be placed under it at the back and front.

The first thing to pay attention to is the condition of the hanger. A broken hanger should be replaced immediately, otherwise you will have to replace several parts at once later. It used to be fairly easy to replace the hanger because most companies used the same type of part.

It was attached to the body with screws and clamps. Modern cars often use metal rods welded to pipes or the body. These mounts also have a rubber part that looks like a deflated soccer ball with holes for the rods.

All parts are securely fastened by welding. In order to replace the rubber piece in the case of its cracking, you will need to use a lever. It must be said that it is not difficult to do this.

In the case of disconnection of the rod from the pipe, it is not necessary to make an expensive repair with a complete replacement of the pipe, if it is still in good condition. It will be much more economical to make the installation of a universal hanger.

To do this, you will first need to remove the broken fixture, find the nearest hole, take a universal hanger that has the ability to bend and rotate, as well as change its length.

It needs to be bolted under the body with a bolt and maybe a nut through the hole. Then you need to secure the hanger around the pipe using a bracket or clamp.

You may have to cut off part of the welded bracket from the old hanger to create room for the clamp. It is important to attach the hanger so that all of the holding parts are at the beginning of the equipment installation location. This way the system will maintain its linear arrangement.

If there is any noise at the point of contact between the underbody and the exhaust system, the system should be carefully inspected for damage.

Since the clearance between the road and the exhaust system is very small, you may have to bend or adjust the original suspension with a gasket. If the rod mount is welded in the correct location, you can try to bend it with a pipe over the visible end of the rod.

If the hanger is attached with a bolt, washers can be installed as adjustable shims.

Some older imported cars have rubber hangers in the form of thick rubber bands. If such a band falls off, it will need to be replaced. It is difficult to do this because the bands differ in their stiffness and thickness.

Many exhaust systems have brackets that provide a rigid attachment near the transmission. Cracking or removing such a bracket will cause the exhaust system to bend severely as well, later causing it to crack. If a cracked bracket is not possible a new one will need to be at least welded in place.

Driving on bumpy roads can damage the heat shields of the exhaust system. If ruined shields are not replaced in time, they can cause a grass fire. If the screen is dented, unscrew the fastening bolts and make sure that the exhaust system itself is not damaged.

If the exhaust system has a broken hanger, its joints and clamps may become damaged over time.

If there is a crack in the weld connecting the muffler or resonator, it may be possible to replace it. But it would be much cheaper to cut off part of the throat mount and the pipe, installing a short connecting pipe on clamps.

If there is a gas leak and there is no visible damage to the clamp connection, it is recommended that the old clamp be removed. If the pipe end is severely deformed, a pipe expander can be used to reshape it.

If there is no deformation, the pipes should be separated and cleaned of rust with sandpaper. Then they should be coated with a thick layer of pipe joint sealant. It is also desirable to rebuild and install a heavy-duty clamp that can withstand a fairly high tightening torque and ensure a tight connection.

Many systems have a flanged connection at the fork tube or exhaust manifold. It is secured by spring-loaded bolts. When exposed to heat, the springs can loosen, causing the connection to come loose.

You can try just tightening the bolts. But it will be much more effective to replace them. You can buy new bolts together with the springs. If there is severe rust on the fascial joint, you can try treating it with a penetrating solvent.

You should then disassemble it and see if it can be repaired by cleaning it with ordinary sandpaper.

After cleaning, a new gasket should be put in. When reassembling the system, new bolts and nuts should be used. A clamping repair fitting can also be purchased from a hardware store.


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